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New Old-Town Monrovia One-Mile Walking Route

A set of mileage posts marking a new old town walking route has been installed along Myrtle Avenue.

This latest walking route is an idea that was brought to the City by resident Chris Shevlin. Mr. Shevlin, a Monrovia Kiwanis Club member, asked the group to fully sponsor this project—which they agreed to do. This route aims to help Monrovians become more active; while encouraging an increase of foot traffic throughout Monrovia’s historic old town district.

The old town walking route is one mile in length, starting at Foothill Boulevard, traveling south on Myrtle Avenue for approximately a half-mile to the Old Town Arch at Walnut Avenue, then returning to the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Foothill Boulevard. The walk takes participants past the Community Center, Library Park and through the heart of Old Town’s shopping, dining and entertainment district.

This route is the second of its kind within the old town district. The first, the “Fountain to the Falls” route, was installed late last year by Eagle Scout candidate Jeffrey Ramos. The “Fountain to the Falls” route starts at Old Town’s Library Park fountain and travels north to the waterfall in Canyon Park. A 7-Mile Run/Walk event, which will follow this route, is planned for Saturday, May 14 as part of the City’s 125th birthday celebration.

For more information on this route call (626) 303-6600.


- Brad Haugaard (from Dan Bell, City of Monrovia)

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