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Monrovia Candidate Statements: Tom Adams

[I have offered all active candidates for the Monrovia City Council a post of up to 300 words to explain and promote their candidacy. The offer remains open until midnight of April 4. I am posting them in the order I receive them. This is the first I've received, from Tom Adams. - Brad Haugaard]
As a Monrovia native I enjoy being in a position to live and work right here in Monrovia. I spend most of my day talking to Monrovian’s about Monrovia. I hear about the things they like and at times what they don’t. I try to insure that we continue to do the good and not repeat the bad. I have had the pleasure of raising my children here and have worked with our great schools for their education. Monrovia is blessed in many ways and we need to continue these blessings.
Monrovia is very special to me and Monrovian’s have given me the opportunity to serve this great town in many ways including serving on this council in good times and bad. Monrovia has seen lows and highs and although we are in the middle of the worst economy in my lifetime, Monrovia will come out on top but it won’t be easy getting there. The State of California has and will continue to take from Monrovia in their attempt to keep the state treasury alive, we must do all we can to prevent them from dragging Monrovia down with them. The future of Monrovia depends on how these next few years are handled. We must insure that our economic decisions are strong yet we need to insure that we keep an eye on our rich past as we move forward respecting our history.
We also need to insure that all Monrovian’s share in the future as we move forward. Monrovia has a rich history not just in our buildings but our people, a history that as we move forward needs to be recognized and celebrated.
Thank you all again and I ask for your vote on April 12th. Thank you!

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