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Items the Monrovia School Board Will Consider

At its March 23 Meeting ( ), the Monrovia Board of Education will consider, among other things ...
- Changes to its Board Policies, including its Independent Study program and foster youth program. If either of those apply to you, you may want to read this document:
- Approving a Monrovia High School plan to add a year-long Mandarin 2 Chinese language course to its curriculum, following up on the Mandarin 1 course already in place.
- Leasing 2,500 square feet of spare space at Santa Fe Middle School to Verizon for a cell phone antenna. The district will get about $24,000 per year. . Also, the district will consider continuing a lease to MetroPCS for an antenna at Monrovia High. That one brings in $21,600 a year.
- Passing a resolution supporting Governor Jerry Brown's plan to put an extension of a temporary state tax on the June 2011 ballot.
- A report saying that since November, the district has implemented a new web filtering service, instituted new procedures to keep student data safe, implemented a parent telephone notification system, installed interactive classroom equipment at Monrovia High and installed WiFi at Monroe and Wild Rose elementary schools.
- Brad Haugaard

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