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Monrovia City Manager: Redevelopment Compromise?

Sacramento is still trying to eliminate redevelopment agencies, Monrovia City Manager Scott Ochoa says, but he seems to think there may be a possibility of compromise.
He writes that "the conventional wisdom is that the Democrats will opt to eliminate the RDAs [redevelopment agencies] on a simple majority vote as part of the budget or in an extraordinary session."

He said a simple majority would need no Republican votes, but it would also mean that the change in the law could not take place until mid-July or January, which would give cities more time to "reinforce the positions." And there would still be lawsuits. Also, cities have been busily shielding their redevelopment money, he said, so there might not be much for the state to grab.
The longer it drags on, he said, the more chance of finding "a middle ground."
- Brad Haugaard

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