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Monrovia Council Delays $39.6 Million Property Sale

The Monrovia City Council put off until its regularly-scheduled April 5 meeting a decision about whether to sell a plot of land to the Gold Line Construction Authority for $39.6 million after City Manager Scott Ochoa said that staff found it "difficult to recommend wholeheartedly the contract before you."

Also, an attorney for one of the property owners whose land would be affected by the project objected that:

- agenda materials for tonight's meeting (March 22) were not available as early as required by law. 

- if the issue will be discussed at the April 5 meeting, then the proposed contract and other relevant materials for that meeting should be available tonight, two weeks prior to the meeting.

- the city has 2004 agreement with the property owner not to use - or cause to be used - eminent domain to acquire his land.

Ochoa agreed that the city has an agreement with the landowner, but didn't think it applied in the current situation. 

Also, Ochoa agreed with Mayor Mary Ann Lutz that there is a danger in delay; that the state may act in a way that would endanger the city's ownership of the property.

- Brad Haugaard

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