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Monrovia City Council Invocations

I just noticed this curious item in the City Council agenda ( ). It gives instructions for religious leaders giving the invocation:

"To comply with recent court decisions, the City of Monrovia has advised persons giving the invocation not to recite sectarian references or prayer."

How you give an invocation without referring to elements of your faith or without praying? I thought "invoking" - in the religious sense - was praying for assistance.

I know Monrovia has to obey the law, but does an invocation that doesn't invoke God - or anything else - make any sense?

I have no problem with invocations, but if they're just going to be play-acting, maybe the city should drop them and instead, perhaps churches, etc., should invite council-members to their meetings and have real invocations for them there.

Aah, what do I know ...

- Brad Haugaard

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