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More Trash Services, Higher Price; 4th of July; Leak Fixed; Pacific Plate Honored; Etc.

In his weekly report, City Manager Oliver Chi reports ...

~ The city has worked a deal with our trash disposal company, Athens, for the company to provide free mulch to residents twice a year, free hillside brush clearance, pick-up from trash cans at bus stops, unlimited bulky-item pick-ups for free. Free, however, is going to cost more. Starting this July 1, trash costs will go up a per-month average of $4.99 for homes, $28.53 for apartments/condos, and $31.60 for businesses.

~ The 4th of July Concert and Fireworks Show will be held in Library Park beginning at 7 p.m. with a performance by Person to Person, followed by a free 20 minute fireworks show will at 9 p.m. You may reserve a space no larger than 10 x 10 feet, which must be supervised at all times.

~ The city had to fix a major water leak on Magnolia Avenue between Lemon Avenue and Lime Avenue on June 18. It was a six-inch crack in a water main. Workers Steve Hardman, Michael Troncosso, Gerry Acosta, Alonzo Alatorre and Scott Hallimore got it fixed.

~ SGV Economic Partnership will recognize Monrovia-based Pacific Plate Brewing Company as its Small Business of the Year. Here's the company:

~ In partnership with Looplink, the city is offering a new service showing all available retail / commercial properties in Monrovia, here:

~ Assembly member Chris Holden, who represents Monrovia, has introduced a measure into the Assembly to request that the federal government provide money for LA-area cities to pay for federally-mandated storm water clean-up. Currently the burden on Monrovia to clean up its storm water is $231 million.

~ The fire is 62% contained and blocked from homes. It has burned about 5,285 acres, and about 923 individuals were fighting the blaze this past weekend. Privately operated drones have been getting in the way of fire-fighting aircraft and air operations had to be suspended on June 25.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Athens is providing hillside brush clearance? So everyone in the city is going to be paying for people who live in the northern section of the city to keep their hillsides free of brush? How is this fair? And our city employees no longer will be picking up trash from the bus stops? What do they do now a days? Free!?? Please don't use that word unless you know what it means, Oliver!

  2. The City of Monrovia is sure terrible at negotiating. That is a massive increase. Athens is laughing at us.

  3. A recent article in Monrovia weekly puts Monrovia's "BURDEN"for storm water cleanup at 1.4 billion. The requested help from assemblyman Holden, who represents Monrovia? I believe if you check the records he supports the scam bill.

    1. Hmm. I don't know where that $1.4 billion number comes from. It's a lot of money but I don't think it's anywhere in that range.

    2. I believe the city continues to burden the citizens with charges that should and were in their own budget. Like, emptying city trash cans around the city. So, if the city maintenance workers no longer have this job, then their job should be eliminated. I find this interesting that we already pay city taxes for these items and now we'll be incurring another charge just so the city can get some sort of deal with Athens. Sold the soul of Monrovia for city council/ city manager own profit.....

  4. I have the right to opt-out of trash services -- yes?

    I don't generate much household waste -- on my own, I can simply go to the recycling center, lawn clipping I mulch back onto the yard, food waste I compost.