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Monrovia Releases Bicycle Master Plan

Proposed Monrovia Bikeways: Green - bike and pedestrian paths; Blue - bike lanes on roads; Purple - markings indicating shared bike/vehicle roads; Orange - bike lanes physically separated from traffic. (Solid color indicates existing, dashed indicates proposed. Dashed lines on shaded background of same color indicates proposal is being studied.)

The City of Monrovia has released a 20-year bicycle master plan with a vision of encouraging walking, biking and the use of "other non-motorized devices," "especially as a means to connect with the new Metro Gold Line station."

  • Bike detection at actuated (not timed) traffic signals.
  • Maps and "wayfinding" assistance to show bicyclists the best way to get places.
  • Bike parking facilities. Racks, bike corrals, lockers and rooms.
  • Bike/pedestrian paths, bike lanes on roads, painted markers to indicate shared bike/vehicle lanes, bike lanes on roads but fully separated from vehicle traffic.

Here's the plan. See chapter 5 for details:

- Brad Haugaard

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