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Monrovians Mostly Positive About Gold Line

An unscientific survey by Monrovian Robert Parry suggests that Monrovia is generally positive about the coming of the Gold Line. Parry said that about half of all those who responded to the survey came to it from

Update: More detailed data (negative to the left, positive to the right):

- Brad Haugaard


  1. What about the rest of the results?

  2. I took the survey and answered that it'll have a mostly positive effect. But much of that depends on what actually happens on the ground once the station opens. If the shuttle service isn't convenient, the positive impact on Old Town will be limited. If traffic and congestion get too bad, that will negatively impact businesses and residents around the station. Finally, the physical safety of those using the station area is a consideration, especially at night and during off-hours. That aspect wasn't part of the survey.

    So, probably a good thing overall. Maybe a great thing. But we won't start having a idea until it opens in March, and we really won't know until the remaining reconstruction and development is finished. That's still some time away.