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Monrovia Rotary/Kohl's Provide Socks and Underwear to Needy

Janie Duncan of Foothills Kitchen, Dr. Sylvia Domotor and club president Bill Shieff.

Monrovia Rotary Club recently worked with Kohl's Department Store on its Santa Clothes project. Event chairperson Dr. Sylvia Domotor met with Jamie Duncan of the two-year-old Foothills Kitchen project based at the Methodist church and decided to spend the $1,148 Kohl's credit on socks and underwear. Ms. Duncan thanked the “Monrotarians” and explained that the Foothills Kitchen’s mission has expanded from its initial objective of providing meals for those in need to making other essentials such as clothing and blankets available. The Foothill Kitchen is a non-denominational organization with members from various congregations and lay organizations thruought Monrovia.

- Brad Haugaard

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