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How to Bring More Students to Monrovia Schools

At its next meeting (agenda: Here ), the Monrovia Board of Education will, among other things ...

~ hear about "the features and benefits of increasing the number of international students accepted into Monrovia High School," the main benefit of which appears to be that the district gets $13,000 a year, or about $4,500 more per student than from other students. Details.

~ hear a report on the "Spanish Dual Immersion" program, which is designed to bring more students into the district, and teach language and provide a marketable skill. Details.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. An easy way to increase the number of students is to have quality schools. If Monrovia schools were not in general poor performing more people would use them instead of going the private school route or moving to Arcadia or Glendora

    1. Yup! I agree with you completely on that!

  2. We have way too many great private schools around for close to that cost. It would be crazy to pay that much for a Monrovia school. This effort would have to be based on misleading uninformed international families.

  3. You do realize that private schools charge international tuition as well in excess of the regular tuition.

    Also my understanding is that the international students are not paying the tuition directly but the numbers discussed above are a reimbursement from a government agency.

    As my initial post said how about increasing the quality of the education. My children don't need Spanish immersion but just a quality program which does not appear to be an option in Monrovia judging by the scores.

  4. Agreed the the dual immersion that would be forced on middle school, rather then a chance for them to learn as an elective of their choice. I disagree with the comments that Monrovia Unified does not offer quality programs. Monrovia is competitive in this arena based on my conversations with parents that have their children enrolled in other districts. Maybe the school board could put a survey out to the parents and actually get real insight and ideas out of the BIG box. By the way, both of my children attend Monrovia schools.

  5. It's funny, I hear Monrovia parents glowing about the schools. Then as soon as they are about to enter high school. The same parents send their kids to private. Many of our vocal community leaders do not send their kids to MHS.

  6. Most families cannot afford private schools if this were the case maybe the public school system should just give up now!! I have been here 17 years and am putting trust into the school board, teachers and parents/residents that are proactive with our city. While Monrovia is not "perfect ", find a city that claims this fallacy.