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Dinner at 38 Degrees Ale House

Dinner recently at the new 38 Degrees Ale House, just east of Myrtle on the south side of Colorado. Got the pork schnitzel ($17) and a 12 ounce beer for $7. All very tasty. And Happy New Year, by the way!

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. This is your second time there - you must like it!

  2. Would this place work for kids and non-drinkers?

  3. I think so. You can order burgers and, I think, soft drinks.

  4. Brad, do you know of any restaurants in Monrovia that serve organic foods? The closest I know of is Natural Selection in Arcadia. Would love to see Monrovia get some organic (or just clean-food) options.

    1. Hmm. Not positive but you might try Something Healthy on Shamrock or the VegiUSA place at Myrtle, which I believe still has a test kitchen open to the public. That's my best guess.