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Monrovian Kris Mariconda Passes Away; New Dial-a-Ride Fleet; Reading Program; Batman

Here are a few items from City Manager Oliver Chi's weekly update ( ):

- Monrovian Kris Mariconda, who had been deeply involved in the Monrovia community, passed away last week.

- The first of four new vehicles for the Monrovia Transit dial-a-ride fleet hit the road this week. Three more will be deployed shortly. Three are mid-sized for 12 passengers and 2 wheelchairs. The fourth can accommodate 16 passengers and 2 wheelchairs. More on Monrovia Transit here:

- Monrovia Public Library is hosting a reading program for children ages 0-5 to help them gain school readiness skills. The goal is for adults to read as many books as possible to children from September 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016. Sign up at the Youth Services Desk at the library, or online at

- Monrovia Public Library will host a Batman Day celebration on Sept. 23, with the library team dresings up as superheroes. For more information call the library at 256-8275.

- Brad Haugaard

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