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Monrovia Council to Consider Major History Project

At the next Monrovia City Council meeting (agenda: ), the council will consider a $150,000 contribution to the Monrovia Historical Society to complete the Monrovia Legacy Project ( ). The project is estimated to cost $410,000 over three years. The balance of the project cost will come from private donations.

The society will:

1. Document and preserve City Historian Steve Baker’s knowledge base and collections, and generate end products to share them.

2. Compile other Monrovians’ historical memories and records – people of all backgrounds – and create a collection that can be built upon.

3. Create places and methods for storing and sharing this history at the Monrovia Public Library.

The project would be completed in three phases:

1. Preservation: Scan, digitize, inventory, and catalog the photos and papers, transfer to archival storage materials, create searchable lists, and create a comprehensive online repository.

2. Share: Create physical products – photo and / narrative books, video series / documentary, teaching curriculum, written histories, and oral histories.

3. Educate: Create website for distributing products and plan for engaging the public.

Also at the council meeting, the council will consider ...

- Approving a memo of understanding between the City of Monrovia and the Monrovia Unified School District to establish a School Resources Officer Program. Details:

- Approving a $21,000 agreement with Dekra-Lite to purchase, install, remove and store Old Town holiday decorations.

- Brad Haugaard

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