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Monrovia Council Approves Deal For Two Companies To Run Street Fair

After LA PartyWorks and Green Leaf Events said they could work together to put on the Friday Night Street Fair, the Monrovia City Council tonight voted to approve that approach. Earlier the Council had considered letting LA PartyWorks go and taking on Green Leaf to manage the event, but decided instead that the two companies working together could each contribute its own strengths to the event.

Interesting comment: Mayor Tom Adams said he doesn't think anybody can make money at running the street fair without cheating the system. He said it should get back to its original intent - not to make money but to benefit the local merchants.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. So they didn't even give L.A. Partyworks the 6 weeks they promised. Figures.

  2. Odd comment. So rather than one company not making money, now there are two companies that can't make money without cheating? And the local merchants need to benefit, while the company running the event can't? Bizarre times.