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Monrovia City Manager Oliver Chi On Lost Grants

Here is the presentation City Manager Oliver Chi gave regarding the various grants the city has had then lost.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. unbelievable!!! bad management for sure. IMO this would lie with whoever was city manager at the time.

  2. Where were the other 12 pairs of eyes when this was going down? Always seems to be 'blame it on the guy no longer here' because it's wasn't me who dropped the ball. This city needs a full make over on City Council. Adams thinks we should reinvent the status que in his image.

    1. Who is minding the store? If the Mayor and City Council did not know that the city was being mismanaged they all need to go away. We need to elect some competent, responsible people with good followup skills. Wake up Monrovians, get involved and vote. Only three thousand of us vote, in a city with 38,000 that's just unacceptable.