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Did Monrovia Have the First 100 Plus Temperature for the Year in the Nation?

The Weather Channel Tweets: Unofficial high of 100ºF reported in Monrovia, CA today; if verified, would be 1st 100º high in the USA in 2015.

Comment: Hmmm. Warm but I don't think that warm.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. My back porch thermometer read 94 at 3 PM in the shade. Never got above that even when the sun lit up the porch after 5 PM. Brad let us know when/if it's real. Been a long wile since we were the hottest place in the country.

  2. Hah, Dan is correct. My weather station only got to 93 deg today. A ways to go to 100.

  3. Sorry but Monrovia did not get a US temp record yesterday. No worries ... we'll try again later. lol

    1. Dan, you wanted my phone number. I prefer email. You can write me at