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Independent Lab Confirms Monrovia Water Is Good

From city press release

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, Monrovia City Officials were made aware of alleged unlawful disposal of wastewater at the City's main water well field located at 2655 South Myrtle Avenue. Upon discovery of this practice, the City immediately initiated a comprehensive review of the overall situation to ensure that stringent water quality and safety standards are maintained. This review included the retention of a third-party contractor, Clinical Laboratories, to perform additional testing of the City's water.

On Tuesday, March 3, Clinical Laboratories conducted thorough tests of Monrovia's water supply. The tests were conducted at all City water collection, holding, and distribution sites, and the test results showed that the entire water supply in Monrovia is sanitary and safe. This third-party report supports the results that have been determined through the City's ongoing monthly testing processes, which has shown that Monrovia's water supply consistently meets or exceeds State and Federal drinking water standards.

Moving forward, to ensure that the City is taking proactive measures regarding the safety of our water, the City will be implementing bi-weekly testing to ensure that our water continues to meet or exceed every State and Federal drinking water standard. Also, the Water Utilities Operation in the City will be preparing an overall water report on a quarterly basis, rather than on an annual basis, as an added layer of public communication.

Current water testing information, including our Annual Water Reports as well as the updated reports provided by Clinical Laboratories, can be found on our city website at

- Brad Haugaard

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