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Contributions in Monrovia Mayoral Race

Here are the latest campaign contributions in the Monrovia mayoral race. Note, I have not included information about Mr. Leonard Holen as he did not report any contributions. All contributions are from Monrovia unless a different city is noted:

Tom Adams
Blaine Fetter, $1,500
Linda Fetter, $1,500
Reid Samuelson (LA), $1,500
Jack Samuelson (LA), $1,500
Eric Mozilo, $2,000
Gurdev Singh Anand (Glendora), $1,000
Fred Bowden, $1,000
George Forbes, $1,500
Warren Lukesh (Sunland), $1,500
John Bonholtzer, $500
Charles Pollard, $100
J. Harrington Construction (Pasadena), $100
Paul Kalemkiarian, $250
Alice Mah, $100
Roger Dickey, $200
Peter Sylchak, $100
Dan Whoolery (Arcadia), $100
Barbara Radford, $200
G Arakelian, $200
John Radford, Jr., $500
Larry Moore, $100
Joseph Leonard, $250
Danny Crandel, $100
Hal Leavens, $100
Robert Wight (Azusa), $100
Karen Taylor, $100
Donald Eldridge (Glendora), $200
Kurt Anderson, $200
Edward Rigazzi (Covina), $100
Gwendolyn Jones, $100
Judy Schaeffler, $100
Michele Thompkins (Astoria, OR), $100
Richard Mountjoy, $250
Gage Freeman (Northridge), $500
Joseph Leonard (I know; listed twice), $250
Kirsten Jardino (Arcadia), $100
Mary Ann Lutz  
Fortune Dynamic (City of Industry), $1,000
Chateau Capital (Arcadia), $1,200
Gloria Huss (Monrovia Floral – balloons, flowers), $171
Hal Dash (Valencia), $200
Kathy Stone, $100
John Wayne Carlson, $1,000
Dick and Jan Singer, $250
Denis & Diana Bertone (San Dimas), $250
Peter & Toni Hoffman (Sierra Autocars), $999
Gary & Karen Sutherland, $100
Hans Liang (Monterey Park), $100
Mike & Cheryl Antos, $100
Frances & David Cash, $100
Brian Ulm, $100
Gloria & Steven Rassmusen, $100
Andre Quintero (El Monte), $100
Jim & Joanne Spring, $200
Felix Villaneva, $100
Janet Wall, $500
Mike & Marilee Mohajer (San Dimas), $100
Michael Cacciotti (South Pasadena), $150
Janet & Norm Cerswell (Alta Loma, CA), $100
Ferne Petrie, $500
Corey & Mary Ann Lutz, $5,000
Anthony Portantino Campaign Account, $250
Gordon & Louise Robertson, $100
Paul and Amy Lawrence, $500

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Does anyone else see the irony in Lutz for Mayor sign hanging on the vacant storefront at the corner of Colorado and Alta Vista?

  2. yeah...but hundreds of new businesses have opened up shop in Monrovia. of course, they neglect to say how many have closed. Again, look at all of the vacancies at Pavilions, Cal Wine and Cheese still empty, the old Albertsons looks like a ghost town.

  3. You think a new mayor is going to regulate rent prices? The story with nearly every vacancy is the same. Rent was raised or too high. Or a ridiculous business idea, like a wine and cheese store.

    1. A wine and cheese store is a ridiculous idea? Yeah, because those don't work, anywhere. I mean, it's not like there are entire regions of California where the entire economy is driven by the idea that people will drop by to taste wine.

  4. Okay, as long as we're going political, anyone find it strange that Mr. Adams is getting enormous contributions from developers of high density apartments and neighborhood-busting PUDs? Are you folks in MOHPG paying attention?

    1. What's really strange is that Samuelson & Fetter have long-standing relationships with Lutz. Perhaps they learned their lesson.

    2. What's really strange is that Samuelson & Fetter have long-standing relationships with Lutz. Perhaps they learned their lesson.

    3. Many folks in Monrovia are contributing to my campaign, the folks over at MOHPG also know that I placed the Moratorium on the agenda to stop tearing down our homes. As of right now the only housing developer backing me is Bowden Development, I abstain from voting on their projects, my opponent has voted for them 100% of the time. It is not about who or what, it is about Monrovia, these folks all want a better future for the town that we share.

    4. Was Samuelson and Fetter are they the devoleper that was suing the city and the city gave them the property at magnolia and pomona. Tom didn't your office use to get all Bowden development new probertys when his daughter work out of your real a state office and because of that rumer at city was he didn't pull permits until after construction was done and didnt even pull demo permits. I believe hopper was the city manager and didnt Bowden build hopper a House in Cabo San Lucas mexico during that time and u are the only one from those years on there now.

  5. No, but a mayor can discuss other tax incentives to bring in business. How do you think Azusa and West Covina are battling over who gets Porto's Bakery.

    Speaking of contributions what do you think Chateau Capital is?

    1. Chateau Capital is an Arcadia-based developer that builds massive high-end "McMansions," primarily in Arcadia. In the past several years, they have constructed more than 50 McMansions all over Arcadia, and they also have been approved to build a high-density, neighborhood-busting mixed use development in San Gabriel. Oh, here's the best part too... Chateau Capital recently hired a former Monrovia City Council Member because they have designs on building Arcadia-style McMansions here in Monrovia.

    2. Which council member did they hire?

  6. Speaking of Porto's Bakery, didn't one of those interim managers here in Monrovia hire an Azusa city council member to work for the City of Monrovia? Interesting that he's helping Azusa get a Porto's Bakery, you would think that he would be more interested bringing a Porto's Bakery to Monrovia. I guess that's what you get when you have bad leadership.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.