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Candidate Austin Corrects Candidate Contributions

Note: Mr. Scott Austin, who is running for city council, responds below to my article here ( ) regarding the contributions he has received, and he copies and notates the posting with his corrections (below). I am happy to clear up this matter. The information I originally posted was from Mr. Austin's campaign as filed with the City Clerk's office. Following is Mr. Austin's letter. - Brad Haugaard

Mr. Haugaard,

Too bad your message admits that there could be duplications in my contributions but you didn’t take the time to get the correct information before posting so fair to all candidates.  I have no problem sharing my contributions of which I'm grateful and proud to have their support.  I’d appreciate you showing the corrections with strike throughs and comments as shown below.  The net overstatement is $6,120.61 -- incorrectly overstated by 30 percent!

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Scott Austin

Alhambra Firefighters Political Action Committee (Alhambra) $2,500
California Professional Firefighters Political Action Committee (Sacramento, non-monetary gift for printing lawn signs – 02/05/2015) $1,210.61
duplicate of above California Professional Firefighters Political Action Committee (Sacramento – 02/10/2015) $1,210.61
Daniel Haro (Alta Loma, CA) $100
David Brinker (Akron, OH) $200
Debbie Austin $28.52
Debbie Austin (loan) $3,000
Debbie Austin $1,000
Donna Baker $200
Firefighters for Better Government Political Action Committee (Camarillo, CA) $2,500
Joe & Paula Costantino (DPO, AE) $200
Karen Suarez $200
Mary Ann & Cory Lutz $250
Michael Cacciotti (South Pasadena) $100
Monrovia Firefighters Issues Committee (02/02/2015) $3,000
not a valid PAC and not received Monrovia Firefighters Association Local 2415 (02/06/2015) $3,000
Natalie Park (South Pasadena) $100
Pasadena Firefighters Local 809 (Sacramento – 01/17/15) $1,000
Pasadena Firefighters Local 809 (Sacramento – 02/26/2015) $2,000
duplicate of above  Pasadena Firefighters Local 809 (Sacramento – 02/28/2015) $2,000
Pasadena Firefighters Local 809 (Sacramento – 03/05/2015) $2,000
Samuel LaSala $100
Thomas Alan Suess $100
Thomas Fouser $100
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Local 112 Political Action Committee (LA) $500
Victor Castellanos $500


  1. Oh shoooot -- I was going to vote for Mr. Austin but if he can't figure out how much money he got then how can he read a city budget report. Sorry dude.

  2. He took 8 days to respond to this!? This makes me think he won't take care of things for Monrovia in a timely manner. He will not get my vote.

    1. Dale Carnegie wrote a book titled "How To WIN Friends And INFLUENCE People". Carnegie wrote it for men such as Austin in mind. OOPS ... I may have hurt his feelings with this comment.

    2. He won't take his campaign to the Monrovia Politics facebook page, so i'm firmly convinced that he's not trying to "WIN Friends and INFLUENCE People."

    3. He explained that by the time he turned in his ballet application all the good Monrovians had already endorsed other candidates so all he had left were his friends in fire departments. Maybe had I recommended the Carnegie book earlier the lad would stand a chance in this village. To little to late for Mr. Austin.

    4. If that is the case why did he take all of that money. sounds very nefarious to me. Donna Baker Zombie.

  3. Sounds like the "not a valid PAC" contributions were returned and removed because they may have been illegal. This fellow appears to be deeply in bed with the unions that have hi-jacked California politics. He would make a very good commrade for the state central planning committee.

  4. Replies
    1. Austin knows he's been outed. What a piss-pour player that guy is. As for the election ... it's still maybe maybe not ... same with all other candidates. Oh well.