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Too Much Fuss About Monrovia Bears?

Old picture of bear in our back yard.

I'm curious.

It seems whenever a bear is sighted in Monrovia we have sort of a media stampede, like today. Helicopters and whatnot. But bears - for better or worse - are really getting to be rather commonplace here and I'm wondering if maybe the media isn't overdoing things a bit.

What do you think?

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Slow news day?

    This is perhaps the only reason I'm glad I don't live in the foothill section of Monrovia - I wouldn't do well with the "news" intruding on my space...

  2. Honestly, I rather see happier stories about Monrovia bears, than the usual stuff that the news show. Now, with that said, I'd rather no news coverage and let them be.