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Monrovia School Board Member Disappointed at the State Limiting Schools' Disciplinary Powers

Monrovia School Board member Alex Zucco is apparently not happy with Governor Jerry Brown signing a law that limits the use of "willful disobedience" as a reason to suspend students. Zucco writes on Twitter: "So much for 'local control' - heavy sigh."

Comment: I am with you on that, Alex. Slowly - and sometimes not so slowly - local authority is being usurped by the state and federal governments.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I like Alex, very much, as a person. But she has battled for an increasingly intrusive and micromanagerial State government. For her to express any disappointment with this is disingenuous, given everything her boss, Assemblyman Holden, pushes.

  2. "The measure Brown signed was narrowed to only prohibit willful defiance suspensions for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade."

    Not sure why this deserves a heavy sigh. Did she even read the statistics?