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Attend Citrus, Make More Money | Poppy Paint at Train Yard | Development of Station Square

~ PayScale, Inc. has recognized Citrus College, which serves Monrovia, as one of the nation's top 10 public two-year colleges based on alumni earning potential, and fifth among California's 112 community colleges in this category. The report, released September 10, 2014, encompassed data collected from 349 public and private institutions and included early-career and mid-career median salaries for alumni who earned associate degrees. Overall, public community colleges out-performed private career colleges in terms of associate degree-only graduate salaries. Source: Citrus press release

~ The canopy frames at the Gold Line Operations Campus in Monrovia received a California Poppy color paint job this week. Comment: Nice, though I'm not sure I'd call the color "California Poppy."

~ Samuelson & Fetter received approval for a 261-unit apartment complex as a part of Monrovia's Station Square.

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