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Monrovian Says Building Permit Fees Are Now More Reasonable

Monrovian Chris Ziegler, who earlier said fees charged to him by the city for building permits were higher than permitted by California law (see here: ) now says the fee structure has to some degree corrected. He writes:

"This morning pulled a permit for another solar power generation system from the City of Monrovia and instead of being gouged via excessive permit [development] fees and then listening to silly stories as to why the fees are so high, I was merely charged $305 ($80 for plan check and $225 for the inspection permit). While still technically a violation of the Fee Mitigation Act, the city's own documents place the costs of services at roughly $80, it is still much better than being charged $800-$1000 as was the case and I credit you greatly for moving this issue in the right direction!"

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. That's good news. Thanks for being a squeeky wheel. This town is missing active community oversight and coverage. I would love something like the Sierra Madre Tattler here in Monrovia. (with a more positive spin).