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Monrovia Hires Oliver Chi as City Manager | Shevlin Asks for Plastic Bag Ban Repeal

~ At tonight's meeting the Monrovia City Council unanimously selected Oliver Chi, lately assistant city manager of Barstow, to be the city's next city manager. Chi briefly addressed the council, acknowledging what has been discussed in the community, that he had a "fabulous career flop" in Rosemead, where he was city manager. He thanked the council for looking beyond that episode and promised to work hard.

~ Also at the meeting, Councilwoman Becky Shevlin asked the council to repeal or not enforce Monrovia's plastic grocery bag ban because the state ban - which Governor Brown has promised to approve - will go into effect July 1, and having two bans would be confusing. Mayor Mary Ann Lutz suggested waiting until the governor signs the statewide ban before discussing that.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. He "flopped" in Rosemead because of a reactionary, vindictive city council. Congrats to Oliver!

    1. Really? Those three partied on Rosemeads dime..err dollars.. Ran around with women and one was convicted and in prison. Blaming the people of Rosemead

  2. Aren't you also describing the Monrovia city council?