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Weekend Parking Fee for Monrovia Canyon Park Up a Dollar

Looks like the weekend and holiday parking fee for Monrovia Canyon Park has gone up by a dollar, to $6.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I've always been annoyed that Canyon Park basically double charges residents of Monrovia to visit a park that they already support and pay for. I ignore it every time I visit. If I'm wrong and Canyon Park gets zero budget from the city and are fully sustained by parking fees, then I'd like to be corrected.

  2. The budget sheets on Monrovia's website are a bit difficult to decipher at times, but it looks like the budget for 2014-15 shows that Canyon park will cost about 273,000 to operate and will take in about 175,000 in revenue. I may be missing a line item or two, but I think those totals are pretty close to accurate.

    Not sure if that helps or hurts your argument, but it certainly looks like the parking fee alone doesn't cover the cost of operating the park. It looks to me like you aren't going to be happy, but it also looks like whatever we are being charged it isn't enough to make ends meet.

    Maybe you should stop ignoring the fee and they won't have to raise it as often for the rest of us. Either that or go pay all the residents of Monrovia that don't use the park but are still paying for it.

    To me, the parking fee allows the City to charge the users of the park a nominal amount so as to lessen the burden on the rest of the citizens who will never use the park.