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17 to 38 Homeless in Monrovia | Station Square Open House

~ A report on homelessness in Monrovia in the Star-News. There are "between 17 and 38 homeless" in the city.

~ Station Square Open House on Wednesday, July 30 at the Library.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. "231 calls for service to the park and have made 127 arrests of homeless there"

    For me this was a telling point of the article. This does not include the number of arrests or other crimes committed outside of the park that make the police blotter every week.

    Also wants wrong with a shelter? It's suppose to help you get back on your feet to find a job and home not to make the park your permenant home for 10+ years.

    Anyone know the population density between Pasadena and Monrovia?

  2. "This is our home". Sure glad that we voted to tax ourselves to build this nice park for these guys to live, drink, do drugs, harrass families, masturbate, urinate, defecate, and smoke in. No sympathy from me. Our council has done nothing about this problem. Citizens have passionately spoke about this issue at council meetings for years with no response from the city council. Now, they are looking into ridiculous soft handed things to do like putting citizen patrols in the park to sit and watch these guys. 127 arrests in a year?