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'No Reportable Action' On Opening of Monrovia Hillside Preserve

I've been tracking the city's progress in opening to the public the Hillside Preserve ( ) and more recently the Cloverleaf access point to the preserve. The preserve was bought in large part by a bond issue paid for by the residents of Monrovia with the promise that they would have access to the area. Now, more than 14 years later, it is not fully open. In April there was a report ( ) that the Cloverleaf access point might be opened in July. Since it is now well into July I thought I'd ask about it. Here is what I got back:
Good afternoon Mr. Baugaard,
Thank you for reaching out to me and I appreciate your community support.  City staff continues to work on the future opening of the Cloverleaf access point in the Hillside Wilderness Preserve.  There is no reportable action or proposed opening date at this time, but I would be happy to notify you when a firm date is set.
Thank you,

Tina Cherry
Community Services Director
City of Monrovia

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for keeping on top of this! 14 years.. I'm afraid that this really boils down to the close friendship of the property owners up there to a couple of our city council members. I'm not optimistic. Having you prod for updates surely can't do anything but help.