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Winning Monrovia Robotics Team Needs Support

Brian Johnson writes:

"The Monrovia High robotics program needs the Community's help! Our team "The Kings And Queens" was the top team out of a field of the best 48 teams in Southern California at the Los Angeles FTC Robotics Regional Tournament on Saturday 2/22 and earned a spot in the Western U.S. FTC Championship Tournament to be held in Sacramento on Mar 20-22.

"The cost to send the Kings And Queens to the Sacramento tournament is over $3000 for the entry fee, travel costs, needed parts for the robot, and materials to build a team display booth. We need your donations and business sponsorships to make this happen. Business owners - for a donation of $500 we will prominently feature your company's logo and information on our honored supporters board in our display area, and for a donation of $1000 we will also place your company logo right on the robot for everyone to see. If you would like to be a sponsor or make a tax-deductible donation, please contact Tom Dobson at MHS at 626-471-2800 x7243. If you want to support the team and don't need a tax receipt, please donate to our "Go Fund Me" campaign at The girls have been amazing ambassadors for Monrovia at tournaments throughout Southern California and Nevada demonstrating everything that is good and special about our wonderful little city. Help them continue to represent us to the Western U.S., and hopefully to the World."

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. I thank everyone who has shown their support for these wonderful young ladies and their robot. We are getting closer to our fundraising goal, but we still need more support to get the team to the tournament with the resources the ladies need to do their best.