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Former Monrovia Basketball Player Has New Book

Former Monrovia basketball player, Pete Strobl, has a new book out.

Strobl played basketball for Monrovia High, graduated in 1995, and went on to play college basketball at Niagara University before embarking on a nine-year career playing all over Europe. He writes:

"I recently wrote my first book, titled 'Backspin,' and the response has been overwhelming. Portions of the book are dedicated to my time and experiences growing up in L.A. and playing at Niagara and behind the scenes stories about Hubie Brown, Joe Mihalich and others along the way. The book is basically intended to equally engage basketball enthusiasts, travel connoisseurs and those looking to gain an intimate glimpse into the life of a division 1 and professional athlete."

You can get the Kindle version on Amazon, here ( ), or the iTunes version here ( ).

- Brad Haugaard

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