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Monrovia Author Publishes Outer Space Cowboy Book

Hard-working Monrovia author (right) with his editorial assistant (left).

Slow news day, so I'll mention that a Monrovia author (me) has just published a little Kindle novella on Amazon called The Outlander. It's a lightweight, old-fashioned western with a bit of adventure and a bit of romance. All that, and it takes place on another planet. For 99 cents you won't go broke.

Blurb: If his father's life wasn't at stake, TirĂ³n was the last planet in the galaxy Cyrus would have visited. It was like Arizona in 1875, and he had miles to ride along a dusty trail with a killer behind him and right ahead a beautiful young woman with a very short fuse...

Here it is:

- Brad Haugaard

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