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City Sends Letters to Property Owners as Part of Effort to Open Hillside Preserve

An article in the Monrovia Weekly - not on line - indicates that Monrovia has sent letters to property owners on Cloverleaf informing them that the city is appraising portions of their property as part of its effort to open access to the Hillside Wilderness Preserve.

Comment: At issue is that Cloverleaf Drive ends at a gate that opens to the Hillside area, or rather, doesn't open, since it remains locked ( ). The problem is that the road apparently goes over private property, so there is a question of obtaining an easement, an issue as yet unresolved. In my interview with city officials ( ), Mayor Mary Ann Lutz indicated that using eminent domain to force opening the gate/road would be a last resort if an offer by the city is rejected.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Who is the city to rip off residents?

    Use eminent domain for a walking trail? Is Lutz nuts? This is really that important?

    Seems like she doesn't understand her job or its limits.

  2. Yes it's that important. The citizens of Monrovia bought that preserve, pay for it every year, and deserve access to it. The residents of Cloverleaf were big, big supporters of this movement. Now that they got what they wanted (no development above them), they don't want any of us else to get there. 14 years later, it appears that maybe the city government is finally doing the right thing.