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Monrovia Prepares for Flash Flood

Here is where the water will come down, at the top of Highland Place.

City officials held a press conference at the top of a Highland Place lined with K-Rail and with residents piling sandbags along their driveways to outline its preparations for the expected deluge tomorrow, Friday.

Interim City Manager Francis Delach said the heavy rain is expected to start about 3 a.m. tomorrow and may dump six inches of rain on the area within a 24-hour period. He said the barrier you see above is capable of holding back 15,000 cubic yards of debris, or the equivalent of 2,500 dump truck loads.

He said Monrovia is coordinating with other foothill cities and the county, is adding extra firefighters, has prepared police, has put all public works employees on call for tomorrow (if they are not already on duty), is working with volunteers who own businesses with heavy equipment, is opening the Community Center (on Palm across from the Library) as an evacuation center with cots, and has arranged discount rates at the Doubletree and Courtyard Hotels (details: ) for Monrovia residents and their small pets in case they have to evacuate.

Some helpful info:

UPDATE: I understand some Monrovians have been getting robo-calls warning of flooding and telling where to get sandbags.

- Brad Haugaard

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  1. I got a robocall this a.m. They were even telling people not to put their trash out, I guess to avoid having it swept down the street ... KABC chopper was over the burn area for 30-40 min. this afternoon getting footage for the upcoming rain story.