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Monrovia HazMat Incident Caused by Chemical Reaction

As of now, the HazMat incident has stabilized and all emergency resources have been released.

A manufacturing company (Air Logistics) on Railroad Avenue was batch mixing three chemicals and at some point there was an adverse reaction causing the chemicals to heat up and off gas into the air. The chemicals were never unstable, but were superheated.

The chemicals identified were: Cyclo Aliphathic resin, Boron trifluoride, and Ancamine.

Symptoms from employees who reported feeling ill were chest pains, asthma, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Monrovia was able to avail itself of many of the local resources in the area including fire mutual aid, Health HazMat and AQMD and it is business as usual here.

Some pictures:

Source: City of Monrovia

- Brad Haugaard

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