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Forest Service Asking for Comments on Proposed Changes to Forest Fees Near Monrovia

The U.S. Forest Service is asking for comments on its plan to reduce the area for which it collects fees in the nearby San Gabriel Canyon area ( ) to just the more heavily used areas right along the roads that follow the east and west forks of the San Gabriel River. (You drive up Azusa Canyon to get there.) The slightly-shaded part of this map (click to enlarge) shows the old fee-collecting area; the deep green is the proposed fee-collecting area. (If you are interested in other parts of the mountains, details here: )

Comment: Hmm. This seems like just a cosmetic change since the new fee area seems to include virtually all the driving and parking areas. So, how exactly do you get to the no-fee area without parking in the fee area?

- Brad Haugaard

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