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Christmas Season Safety Tips from Monrovia Police

Tips from Monrovia Police on how to to keep your home safe during the Christmas season:

- Lock all of your doors and windows when you are not home. Leave any exterior lights on if they are not sensor activated.

- Make sure that all side gates are locked and secured.

- If you have an alarm system, activate it, even if you will be away for just a few minutes.

- If you have surveillance cameras affixed to the exterior of your property, make sure you periodically check them to ensure they are working properly.

- Ensure that all of your hedges and or bushes are trimmed from the front of your residence so that your house is not concealed from the street.

- Never leave old newspapers, mail or door leaflets piled up on the front steps of your residence.

- Never leave valuables in plain view from the outside.

- If you have valuables, please secure them in either a safe or safe deposit box at your local bank.

- Always take an active role in getting to know your neighborhood.

- Keep your eyes open to suspicious activity in your neighborhood and always do your part as a good witness. Never attempt to stop a crime; always call 911.

- Brad Haugaard

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