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Monrovia Producers to Present at Film Fest

Producers for Monrovia's KGEM will present ten new shorts and documentaries at the Action on Film Festival at the Krikorian, August 16 and 17, 8–10 p.m.

August 16

Title: Spirit of Flying

Time: 3 minutes Producer: Jack Tossman Synopsis: A preview of "The Spirit of Flying", a documentary in the works about flying over 20 years in the making.

Title: The Waking Universe Handbook

Time: 6 minutes Producer: Lance Mungia Synopsis: A brief exploration of our connection to each other and the universe we live in.

Title: Max on a Mission: A Hospice Cat's Tale

Time: 8 minutes Producer: Marlene Gibb Synopsis: Meet Max preparing for his weekly visit to Mission Hospice in South Pasadena. It's the story of how Max was found, starved, under a car in Tennessee by his owner Jeanne Johnson. How Jeanne saw the potential in this Bengal Cat and his journey to being a beloved Hospice Cat.

Title: Hula Moani: The Sweet Fragrance of Hula

Time: 5 minutes Producer: Lyn Nakamura Synopsis: A performance of "Waipi'o Påka'alana" by Hālau Hula Moani'a'ala Anuhea, a dance studio based here in LA that teaches the traditions and culture of Hawaii thru dance.

Title: GEMS of Monrovia

Time: 5 minutes Producer: Angie Jackson Synopsis: KGEM Producers highlight their films in this short of last year's Action Film Festival. They discuss their dreams and desires for making a film, the fun and frustration that goes into producing the film and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Title: Green Century Part One: a Means to an End

Time: 27:54 minutes Producer: Robert Mejia Synopsis: A thought-provoking, four-part television mini-series that ponders human potential, the choices we've made in powering our world, and the fate of human-kind on a warming planet. Viewers are guided through the first episode of this science fantasy-style documentary from the perspectives of dual narrators Robert Tristan and KB Solomon while subject-matter experts provide commentary on human motivation, sustainability, and clean energy.

Title: Spotlight On: 1920s Jazz

Time: 20 min, 17 sec. Producer: Hannah Nielson Synopsis: A fast-paced compelling visual exploration of the Jazz age, embodying the Spirit of Jazz itself. An interview with accomplished Jazz bassist layer, Clarence Robinson, is interwoven with archival footage, live performance, a discussion of the 1920s art and society, as well as a music video in the style of avant-garde filmmakers of the era.

Title: Pullin' Teeth

Time: 11 minutes Producer: Dave Gaw Synopsis:This short takes us into the world of Reilly Dental, a family-owned and operated dental practice. Dad is senile. Mom is manipulating. Frank, the younger son, is dangerously stupid while Red, the responsible son, is just trying to keep the family business afloat, waiting patiently for his chance to become the boss. But Mom may have something else to say about that in this offbeat comedy short.

Title: Soar Together in Peace

Time: 17 minutes Producers: Jack Tossman and Susan Tossman Blue Synopsis: Highlights of the 186th Street Elementary School's 8th Annual Peace March in honor of Martin Luther King.

Title: Becoming the Solution

Time: 14 minutes Producers: Community Media of the Foothills Synopsis: Monrovia Mayor, Mary Ann Lutz, purchases her first electric vehicle, the Volt, and discovers what it entails to own and operate an electric car. Highlights interviews with various industries leaders, such as, Sierra Honda, SCE and Aero Environment the new challenges facing the auto industry in the 21st century.

On Saturday, August 17, the 90 minute documentary will air from 8–10 p.m.

Title: In Time: The Delgado Brothers

Time: 90 minutes Producer: Lance Mungia Synopsis: "In Time" is a documentary feature about the musically gifted Delgado Brothers, a tight knit Latino family just one more song from fame for over 50 years since their start in the East L.A. music scene. They're often called up to jam with some of the most respected jazz and blues musicians in the world, despite the fact they've always remained a gig away from fortune of their own.

Source: KGEM


- Brad Haugaard

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