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Monrovia Police: Petty Thefts, Delusions, Burglary

[Monrovia Police activities from the Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Report for July 29–31. - Brad Haugaard]

During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 449 service events, resulting in 72 investigations.

Commercial Burglary / Petty Theft with Prior - Suspect Arrested

On July 29, at 4:29 p.m., officers were dispatched to a business in the 1600 block of South Mountain regarding a shoplifter in custody. A male suspect was being detained for stealing over $500 worth of merchandise and using a booster bag. A computer check revealed he had several prior thefts with convictions. The suspect was arrested and charged with burglary and petty theft with a prior.

Mental Evaluation / Warrant – Suspect Arrested

On July 31 at 4:00 p.m., an officer stopped a male in the 100 block of East Lemon, who had been reportedly bothering several store owners by walking in and out of their stores behaving oddly. A computer check revealed the subject had minor warrants out of Los Angeles. While the subject was being booked he was having delusional thoughts and began banging his body against the wall and the bars of the jail. The subject was taken to a hospital, where he was held for mental evaluation.

Residential Burglary

On July 31 at 8:21 p.m., an officer responded to the 500 block of West Foothill regarding a residential burglary. The victim went home after work and noticed someone had been in the home. She was unable to say what was taken. The suspect (s) entered through a front unlocked window. There were no signs of forced entry found.

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