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Car Bashes Monrovia Wishing Well at Lime and Myrtle

The City of Monrovia wishing well was damaged in a late night car crash on Tuesday, August 6.  At 11:28pm, Officers were dispatched to Lime and Myrtle regarding a traffic collision.  They found a black BMW 328i had collided into the stone monument (wishing well) on the northwest corner of Lime and Myrtle. Both the vehicle and  wishing well were heavily damaged.

The driver, a 64 year old woman from Pasadena, sustained injuries to her face and hands and was transported to Arcadia Methodist Hospital for treatment. No one else was injured in the collision. The cause of the collision is still under investigation.

The wishing well has served as a historical Monrovia monument at the southeast corner of Library Park for many years-at one time housing the old City bell.  It currently serves as a water fountain.  Members of the Public Works Department have collected all of the pieces of the structure and aim to repair and replace it over the next several months.

If the driver is found to be at fault, the city may charge the driver for the cost of the repair to the city property.

Source: City of Monrova

- Brad Haugaard

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