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Monrovia Police Bugged by Court Decision That Could Release Convicts

Monrovia Police Department is apparently bothered by a Supreme Court decision it says would release up to 10,000 convicts onto California streets.

In its Neighborhood Watch Report, the department quotes California Police Chiefs Association President, Covina Police Chief Kim Raney:

"Despite the requests of the Governor, the California State Sheriffs, and the California Police Chiefs, all who are still dealing with the early impacts of Realignment on California's criminal justice system and rising crime rates in California, the Court majority apparently decided to place convicted criminals' concerns over the safety of California's communities and citizens. The Court refused to consider the improvements made in California's prisons and the already reduced population figures and chose instead to allow for the release of more felons into already overburdened communities."

The CPCA represents the state's municipal police chiefs, whose agencies protect over 78 percent of the citizens of California.

Source: Monrovia Police Department

- Brad Haugaard

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