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Young Monrovia Leaders

First ever Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) Youth Leadership graduates, honored at the April 17 City Council meeting.

These young people participated in all-day training in leadership, getting involved in government and the community, problem solving and organizing.  Each youth partnered with a mentor from different agencies to help foster their work.
Congratulations to: Marvin Garcia, Erica Flores, Felicia Lay, Sara Santiago, and Brenda Evangs from the Youth Commission with their mentors Rudy Martinez and Tiffany Scott; Jessica Tang, Lawrence Spicer, Alexis Silva, and Paige Bullock from the Teen Advisory Board with their mentor Elizabeth Schneider; Savana Ayala, Cristian Lugo, Leslie Colin, and Edgar “Jr” Colin, from the Y-Life project with their mentor Ulises Gutierrez; Kourtney Mills and Priscilla Mendoza from the Boys & Girls Club with their mentors Monet Morris and Emily Samayoa; Perla Moreno, Jack Wallace, David Castillo, and Darwin Urzua from Quest Academy with their mentor Susan Hirsch; Jalen Masen, Diana Carolina, Sirena Aquino, and Khristina Suaraz from the Monrovia Unified School District with their mentor Samara Hirsch; and Ivana Peralta with mentor Monrovia Police Chaplain Terrence Brown.
- Brad Haugaard

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