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Monrovia City Council: New City Manager, Honoring Residents, Buying Lots of Stuff

 At the City Council meeting (agenda: ) this Tuesday the council will...

~ Welcome and swear in new City Manager Laurie K. Lile.

~ Recognize Mark Still as the 2012 Monrovia Older American of the Year.

~ Recognize longtime resident and longtime member of Kiwanis Don Yost for his dedication and years of valuable contributions to the community. Members of the Monrovia Kiwanis Club will be on hand to accept the Certificate of Recognition on behalf of Mr. Yost.

~ Consider authorizing the purchase of a $40,445 computer that will allow the Police Department "to use the current and future Spillman software versions, which are unable to run on the current server which is outdated." Comment: Wow! That's a way expensive computer.

~ Consider buying $14,536 worth of signs (two for each entry point) for the hillside preserve and recreation area.

~ Consider buying the Fire Department a new Records Management System for $19,988.82 (paid entirely by the State) and 19 iPad computers for $14,192.64 (paid entirely from the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee).

~ Consider an updated and extended contract with Athens for trash pick-up.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Any update about the Fire Department's supposedly new Records Management System? They have to take digital preservation management seriously regardless of the cost that it will entail for the benefit of the state. Cheers.