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Monrovia Schools: Maybe Losing $2.37 Million, Buying iPads,Kindergarten, Honoring Employees

At its Wednesday, April 18, 7 p.m. meeting (agenda here: ), the Monrovia School Board will ...

~ Hear a budget report that estimates (assuming Governor Jerry Brown's proposed tax measure fails) that the district will lose $2.37 million for the 2012-13 fiscal year, down to $33.99 million from 2011-12. Lots of detail here:

~ Consider a resolution allowing Monrovia schools to piggyback on Glendale schools contract with Apple Computer.

~ And, probably not coincidentally, consider buying Apple iPads and accessories as part of its digital classroom initiative. Cost: $230,398.91.

~ Hear a report on the Kindergarten Readiness Act, which (though I'm not sure I'm reading it right) seems to allow the district to offer kindergarten in 2012-13 to children born between September 1 and December 2, 2007. This would be part of a two-year kindergarten program. And, no, the state is not currently offering any funding for it.

~ Consider a resolution declaring May 16 as "Staff Appreciation Day," May 9 as "Day of the Teacher," and May 20-26 as "Classified School Employee Week."

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