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Comedy Hypnotism at Monrovia High | Huff Bill Turned Down | How Much You Can Save if You Sell Your Car

~ Comedy hypnotism show at Monrovia High, 6-8 p.m. April 27 in the auditorium. "The Lino Esguerras Comedy Hypnotist Show." $10 at the door. Open to the whole Monrovia Community.
~ The State Senate has voted down a measure sponsored by Monrovia's Senator, Bob Huff, that would have made it easier to get teachers out of the classroom when they are "under investigation for unprofessional conduct and/or criminal behavior." Instead, the Senate passed a different version which Huff says is "watered-down."
~ The Gold Line folks report that LA-area commuters could save approximately $916 a month ($10,989 a year) by using public transportation instead of owning a car ( ). Comment:  Well... Seems rather unrealistic to expect many LA-area people to give up their cars. Tell me instead how much people would save if they own a car AND use public transportation.
- Brad Haugaard

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