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Monrovia Library's 'Altered Books' | Crash Sends 2 to Hospital | Injured Student Returns to School | Huff on Budget Shenanigans | Cities Legal Fees | Bridge

~ Monrovia Library's "altered books." Some pictures.
~ Crash sends two to hospital.
~ Hit and run victim returns to Clifton.
~ Video: Senator Bob Huff, who represents Monrovia, on budget time "shenanigans" in Sacramento. He said the Senate is not following its own rules, and "the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I'm not even sure the intentions are good." ( ) And here he is again, speaking to the Senate:
~ A list of how much LA-area cities spend on legal fees. Monrovia spends 1.8 percent of its budget on legal fees. Top is Signal Hill (4.3 percent); lowest recorded is Lakewood (0.3 percent).
~ Concrete will be poured for the main crossbeam and lower sections of the Gold Line bidge superstructure next month.
- Brad Haugaard

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