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Monrovia Seafood - Big Shrimps

Big Shrimps is now open. Just east of Myrtle on Colorado. $8.95 for a salmon dinner and nothing over $9.95! I'm going to have to give it a try. - Brad Haugaard


  1. We tried it today with take out. The food was great. We had catfish, cajon salmon tacos and a grilled fish taco. All was very good. Only problem they forgot to put in the cole slaw and fries on one of the meals. They have only been open only 3 days and we will certainly dine there again! They aren't taking take out orders over the phone yet but will in the future.

  2. Been there 3 times so far without a complaint. Shrimp, fish & chips, and breaded catfish were all terrific. The staff was friendly and helpful, but not intrusive. A welcome addition to the neighborhood.