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Monrovia School Agenda: Budget, Progress Tracking, Etc.

At the 7:30 p.m. April 20 meeting of the Monrovia School Board ( ) the board will:

~ Receive a preliminary budget which says that Monrovia schools are going to have about $2.8 million less money to work with in the 2011-12 year as compared to the 2010-11 year. That's about a 7.7 percent decrease and is based on the Governor's January Budget Proposal, and assumes the proposed tax extension does not pass. According to David Conway, director of Fiscal Services, in light of the breakdown in budget discussions in Sacramento, this is a "best-case" scenario. Lots more painful data here:
~ Hear a report on district plans to move more from tracking aggregate student progress to tracking individual progress.
~ Hear a report on the Canyon Early Learning Center Program.
~ Deal with several items regarding construction at Monrovia High.
~ Consider laying off two part-time PE attendants and a full-time painter.
~ Consider spending $390,000 for new English textbooks. As I commented before, this seems insanely expensive to me.
- Brad Haugaard

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