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Monrovia Election Returns

[ 9:46 - Becky Shevlin and Tom Adams win reelection to the Monrovia City Council. So does Mayor Mary Ann Lutz, but that's no surprise since she ran unopposed. The play-by-play is below.]

If you want to follow the Monrovia election returns tonight, click here:

I'll be updating this post as well.

8:35 - Vote by mail votes are in and Tom Adams and Becky Shevlin have taken a strong lead. Shevlin: 1218, Adams: 1015, Ziegler: 470, Joe Espinosa: 273 (not bad for having withdrawn, but perhaps people voted before he did), and Jason Cosylion: 71.

9:06 - A few more numbers from precinct 1.


Joe Espinosa: 292

Jason Cosylion: 79

Chris Ziegler: 530

Tom Adams: 1096

Becky Shevlin: 1341

9:11 - Becky Shevlin has been involved in sooo many community organizations. It seems she made quite a few friends along the way.

9:12 - Adding on precinct 8:


Joe Espinosa: 302

Jason Cosylion: 89

Chris Ziegler: 578

Tom Adams: 1185

Becky Shevlin: 1452

9:15 - Precinct 21  reporting, which adjusts the totals to ...


Joe Espinosa: 314

Jason Cosylion: 95

Chris Ziegler: 603

Tom Adams: 1228

Becky Shevlin: 1508

9:25 - With all but one precinct  reporting at least some numbers now ... 


Joe Espinosa: 355

Jason Cosylion: 123

Chris Ziegler: 752

Tom Adams: 1534

Becky Shevlin: 1848

9:26 - Seems pretty safe to call it for Shevlin and Adams.

9:27 - Looking at the numbers, it is pretty amazing how many people voted by mail.

9:40 - It appears all the votes except for precinct 30 have been fully counted, if my math it right.

9:44 -  The votes have now all been counted and it appears clear that Becky Shevlin and Tom Adams, the incumbents, have won, and will be returning to the city council.

9:44 - Final numbers:


Joe Espinosa: 382

Jason Cosylion: 132

Chris Ziegler: 785

Tom Adams: 1615

Becky Shevlin: 1936

- Brad Haugaard

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