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An Almost-Monrovia Park

Steve Scauzillo, Opinion Editor at the Star-News, recommended that since Monrovians want a park on the south side of town, they consider "adopting" Peck Road Water Conservation Park, at 5401 Peck Road in Arcadia, but just a hop and a jump from Monrovia. ( ) So, I thought I'd go take a look. Here are some pictures I took.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Wow! I have lived in South Monrovia for 24 years and had no idea there was a park there! What a well kept secret! Thanks for the pictures, and yes, let's adopt this park!

  2. Sheila, Yeah. I'd say the reason it's a well-kept secret because the entryway is kinda scruffy and the sign is kinda small, but when you get into it, it opens up and is nice.