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Jim Hunt to be Interim Monrovia Police Chief

When Police Chief Roger Johnson retires on May 1, after 30 years of service, Captain Jim Hunt will become Interim Police Chief while the city recruits a new chief.
In his weekly report, City Manager Scott Ochoa said Hunt "is an excellent law enforcement professional, and I have every confidence that he will be able to manage the affairs of the Department during the upcoming selection process."
Ochoa also commended Johnson:

"Chief Johnson has built an impressive legacy and has faced many challenges during his career with the Monrovia Police Department. In addition to being a consummate law enforcement professional, he is also an insightful leader and resourceful business manager. These last several years have been some of the most challenging that Monrovia has ever faced. I am glad Chief Johnson has been a part of this team; truly, Monrovia has been the better for it. Congratulations, and thank you, Roger."
- Brad Haugaard

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